This book review of “Fat Chance, Beating the Odds Against Sugar…” highliights the value of Robert Lustig’s summary of how we metaboize sugar – and the menace it poses.

Low Carb Carnival #1

Low Carb Carnival #1 – Nov 8, 2012 Welcome to the November 8, 2012 edition of Low Carb Carnival, which is a periodic blog carnival featuring articles from blogs in the Low Carb (low carb high fat) Diet and related health communities. Steve Smith presents Here’s a List of Low Carbohydrate Foods posted at Quick Weight Loss Blog, saying, [...]

Gary Taubes Reviews the “Why We Get Fat” Concepts

This is a very good review of the “Why We Get Fat” concepts from the book of the same name by Gary Taubes.

The Skinny on Obesity Episode 4: Generation XL

The Skinny on Obesity Episode 4: Generation XL

4th Episode of the excellent The Skinny on Obesity Series by the Univ of California – this one on Generation XL (children born with a propensity to gain weight).

“In Search of the Perfect Human Diet” DVD by CJ Hunt

Review of the film, “In Search of the Perfect Human Diet”, by CJ Hunt. This is an excellent film, providing scientific evidence of the value of animal protein and fat in the human diet.

Why are Asian Rice Eaters Thin?

Why are Asian Rice Eaters Thin?

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt brings up a typical question I run into. If carbs are so bad for us, and cause us to gain weight, why are rice farmers thin and apparently in great shape? He provides the answer in one of his recent articles.

The Skinny on Obesity Episode 3:  Hunger and Hormones – A Vicious Cycle

This is the 3rd Episode (Hunger and Hormones – A Vicious Cycle) of the University of California video series, The Skinny on Obesity. It is on the interaction of the hormones, Leptin and Insulin.

The Skinny on Obesity Episode 2: Sickeningly Sweet

The Skinny on Obesity Episode 2:  Sickeningly Sweet

In Episode 2 of The Skinny on Obesity video series, Dr. Lusting and his collegues explain why sugar poses a unique threat to our health.

The Skinny on Obesity Episode 1:  An Epidemic for Every Body

The Skinny on Obesity is that it is due to the relatively huge volume of sugar we consume every year. This is Episode 1 of a 7-video series by the University of California, Dr. Robert Lustig, and his colleagues.

Diet Choices are Confusing – Why?

Diet Choices are Confusing – Why?

Diet Choices are Confusing, making it difficult to pick one that is best for each individual. What we hear from our friends also tends to be confusing. What works for them might not be best for us. Topics in this articles include carbohydrate restriction, compliance bias, and lifestyle change.

Diet as Entertainment – Is Rosie O’Donnell Your Diet Guru?

TV programs are using Diet as Entertainment. Instead of providing meaningful diet advice, they parade stars like Rosie O’Donnell on stage with their diet tips or provide such a mixed bag of advice it is confusing and often ineffective.

Sugar is a Health Threat We Can’t Ignore – Dr. Robert Lustig on ABC News

Dr. Robert Lustig appeared on ABC News, less than a week after delivering a similar message on CBS News – that Sugar is America’s #1 Health Threat.

CBS News Makes a Bold Move: Sugar is Toxic


In a bold move yesterday, April 1, 2012, CBS News aired a report, “Is Sugar Toxic?”, on 60 minutes and posted 6 videos on its website explaining the dangers and reality of sugar in our diet. After years of the media providing token coverage for low carb and low sugar diet news, this is a dramatic event. CBS News must be trying to move out ahead of its competing networks on this critically important National Health Issue.

Interventions to Reduce Sugar Consumption – Dr. Robert Lustig

In this interview on 60 Minutes, Dr. Robert Lustig asserts that sugar is killing us, leading to obesity, heart disease, and Type 2 Diabetes. He was interviewed by Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CBS News.

LCHF Diet Paradigm – The Food Revolution by Andreas Eenfeldt, MD

Many people are, against the advice of our national nutritional authorities, switching to the low carb high fat diet (LCHF diet) Paradigm. This is why — as explained by Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, in his Food Revolution Presentation to the 2011 Ancestral Health Symposium.

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