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This video is the success story of Kent Altera – yes, the same guy who provides all the videos on the Atkins low carb diet and cooking for it.  And No, that’s not Kent in the picture on the video below – but instead another success story picture (from a lovely young lady), Holland Ashley.  She lost a good bit of weight with a diet she sells in her book,  I can’t say it’s an Atkins Diet, but it’s a video you might want to consider in picturing what can happen by achieving weight loss goals:

Anyway, getting back to Kent…  He was able to lose an incredible amount of weight on his low carb diet.  At the time he started the Atkins diet, Kent weighed 429 pounds, and felt as if he was in a miserable point in life.  He decided to follow the Atkins Diet, and was amazed at the results he had found.  By following the Atkins Diet and exercising, he was able to lose weight as expected and gain the confidence to continue with it.  He followed the diet for months, losing weight steadily, until he reached his target weight.  At that point, he was able to pursue his dream of re-enlisting in the National Guard, and he was able to take his life back.

Results like these are not impossible, though they may seem to be.  Many people who are unhappy with their weight can lose weight as fast as Kent did by simply following the Atkins Diet.  A diet based on the idea of reducing the amount of carbs you take in, the Atkins Diet may be an easy diet to follow at first, but in order to see results, you will need the motivation to stick with it, as Kent did.  Many will tell you that it is the easiest diet to follow because the food you eat (if you follow the diet) will keep you satisfied from meal to meal and low carb snack to snack.   Wander off it and you will see the cravings for carbohydrates return – and you will have more problems sticking with the diet.  So, even though it is easier than other diets, it is still a diet.  You still have to follow whichever low carb diet plan you use it to make it work!

You’ll have to follow this link to the video on Kent’s story -> Atkins Diet Success Story

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