Sugar Detox Diet (21-Day) – Worth It or Not?

I’m a statistician and inventor (2 patents) and have gained FDA approvals for medical devices so I know a thing or two about statistical results, clinical studies, and medical claims. I’ve also struggled with my weight over the years so developed a keen interest and involvement in the different nutritional approaches to weight loss and sugar detox.

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I am a skeptic as well so have some skills I can apply here…

The first step is to get the courage to just do it – get rid of sugar…



21-Day Sugar Detox eBookSo in looking into how to get rid of sugar I saw notices for the 21 Day Sugar Detox Diet Program I had to investigate. Was this just a rip-off package of food lists designed to take money from people who desperately need a Sugar Detox Diet – or was it something truly of value. My initial concern was that becoming sugar-free or at least reducing an addiction to sugar might not be easy, but should be simple enough not to have to buy a 21-day Sugar Detox to do it. Couldn’t you just stop eating sugar! I bought the package and analyzed what it provides.

If you are addicted to sugar and need to push it out of your life, this is the most important page you will read all year.

“I Had Three Concerns About the”

the 21-Day Sugar Detox Diet”

  1. Isn’t getting off of sugar a simple process? You just stop eating it! Why would someone need to pay for advice on how to construct a Detoxification Diet for sugar. I know it’s hard, but is it complicated too?
  2. Does this approach fit within the general parameters of a low carb or paleo diet? This is important because the likelihood of long term benefits would be significantly reduced unless the dieter can easily transition from this program to a long term low carb/paleo lifestyle.
  3. Is this a standalone low sugar diet you can use forever – or is intended as just a 3 week program, that you’d need to follow up with another diet? If so, how will it transition into other diets?

As I went through this program I found that quitting sugar was more involved than I’d thought, so learned quite a bit in the process.

The program was developed and is supported by Diane Sanfilippo, BS, C.H.E.K. (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Holistic Lifestyle Coach, & Holistic Nutritionist. Dianne developed this program to help people drive real change in their diets and lives. Her objective during the 3 week program is to help participants learn to shop for, cook, and eat delicious meals that will lead to healthy and happy lives, without sugar.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox Diet is provided in the form of a large PDF document with instructions and guides organized in a practical format. There are step by step instructions, lists of foods to avoid, food substitutions (what to eat instead of the bad stuff you are eating now) and a number of other support sections.

As I read thru it, it became clear that there are a number of things that can trip you up trying to get off sugar. Foods that are obviously full of sugar are easy to identify, but there are many that might not be so easy to spot. You’ll need to be thorough in getting the bad stuff out of your house or apartment, and also in shopping for what you’re going to eat, so you’ll have good, delicious choices when you head down this road of doing without sugar. Artificial sweeteners can also be a problem – you have to use only certain ones. You’ll also have to figure out what to replace your favorite foods with that will help you with this quest. The issue of sugar highs and lows is also a problem that has to be dealt with or the sugar lows will drive you back to your favorite sweets.  Fortunately, the 21-Day Detoxification seems to have covered everything, to make your run at this detox program a success.

The program includes diet guidelines and recipes to put a full diet in place so it could act as an ongoing diet. It is focused however on easing those first few weeks of sugar deprivation, so it could also be used as a transition into a low carb or Paleo diet. It generally fit within the characteristics of a low carb diet so would do especially well as a first step before adopting a low carb lifestyle.

If you’ve heard enough and just want this program, click here for the 21-Day Sugar Detox Diet Program .

The following is a sample of testimonials found onsite for this program.

“Thank you Diane! I finished my 21 days yesterday. I am down 18lbs, 5% bodyfat and a full pant size. I am up in energy and brain function! Today I’m on the hunt for some good cherries as my reward. Still don’t want the sugar or carbs and will continue with Paleo forever and ever. Getting my family to change slowly too. Almost can’t wait until the July 11 group!” Jeanne H.

“Here are the changes in the past 3 weeks in my life: noticed and admitted my addition to sugar and treats to use it as a coping, reward, etc. Body craves good whole foods, more satisfied with things like juicing, meat and fresh veggies. Sweet things are super sweet now banana and green apples taste like treats to me. Was able to start doing multiple pull ups. Jeans fit so good, bloating in my stomach went down. Leaner, not much of a weight loss, but definitely a change in my body. When I eat anything with “stuff” in it… additives and etc… i feel like crap. It’s hard, but so worth it. Excited to see my husband tonight, he hasn’t seen me for two weeks and i hope he notices.. and if he doesn’t.. I still notice.” Candice C.

“I discovered that I turn to sugary food out of habit and apparently bad habits can be broken in 21 days. I found that by eating better sugarless meals I wasn’t hungry all the time or craving… and only needed 3 meals a day… no snacks! I discovered a lot of my cravings were my body just begging for water not food. I discovered 21 days of no sugar can allow me to loose 14 lbs. But most of all that Diane really knows her stuff and that sharing her knowledge with us for 21 days ….was really priceless….thanks ..hugs!” Lena G.

“Participating in Diane’s sugar detox was an education (did you know there’s sugar in canned beans? BEANS). I had become too used to my mid day sugary coffee, my after dinner dessert, and my nightly glass (or two) of wine. The sugar detox was like hitting the reset button. It was difficult at first anything worthwhile is but Diane was there to help me through it. I’m much more mindful now about what I eat, and consuming fresh, real food has definitely made a positive difference in my energy and outlook. I’m really looking forward to continuing my work with Diane to make even more healthy changes.” Keri M.

“It was a very good experience for me. I focused on all of the yummy natural foods I could have… the results: more energy, clear mind, and a smaller waistline PLUS an ever better understanding of how important nutrition really is…not just on how we look but how we feel.” Linda R.

21-Day Sugar Detox eBook Set

In closing, I found solutions for the issues I was concerned about. Getting off of sugar isn’t simple.  There are a number of things that can trip you up in a sugar cleansing journey. Having a guide and support like this program, therefore, seems well worth it. Without this support, you could easily fail and become too frustrated to even try again. It also fit well with the low carb or paleo lifestyles and could serve as a very good entry point into those diets.  Dianne has recently added a document with advice on what food supplements may be used to reduce the “bite” of a low sugar diet. It’s a valuable reference to have if you think you may need a bit of an edge. Both documents could also stand alone as a tool for those who perhaps don’t need anything more than a tool for just removing some sugar from their diet.

Glycemic Index 101

To provide you even more of an advantage, I am including a free bonus eBook:  Glycemic 101.  The Glycemic index, which is evaluated for most carbohydrates, provides a solid indication of whether that food will elevate your insulin and possibly put you through a sugar high and low cycle, which would make it difficult to get off of sugar.  This book provides you with additional details and specific values for the Glycemic Index, so will be a good companion reference for the 21-Day Detox Program.   After you purchase the program and receive your receipt email from ClickBank, just send me an email at this email address: Joe AT CravingSugar DOT net. Put “Sugar Detox Bonus” in the email title and include your ClickBank order number in the body of the email and I’ll let you know how to download it.

It seems to me this this is worth it you want to cure sugar addiction. It’s always best to act now before you have more weight to deal with. So give this a try by clicking here.

One more thought… There is a low introductory price on this program and my Glycemic 101 eBooks is free.  The 21-Day Sugar Detox program is guaranteed to meet your needs so you can get a refund within 60 days if you don’t find it does so. So go for it if you’ve decided that it’s your turn to give up sugar…

Joe Lindley